Our patient friendly counsellors and program co-ordinators will ensure you don't need to bother any more and be rest assured your diabetes is managed well.

We welcome  you to be a club member and avail the free services.
Our Aasha Diabetes Club is dedicated to bring about changes is lives of diabetic patients in Maharashtra. The changes and hope that matters...

Aasha - "Hope that matters"



  • Free Consultation with Diabetes Specialist
  • Free Consultation with Dietitian
  • Free Blood Test as per Schedule
  • Free Membership Card
  • Free Enrollment for Health Checkup Camp
  • Free Reminders for Schedule Test and Consultation
  • Free Entry for Health Awareness Programs,Seminar & Workshop
  • Discount on Additional Lab Test
  • Discount on Medicines with free Home Delivery
  • Discount on IPD Bill
  • Free Yoga Sessions
  • Discounted Prices for Diabetes Food Products & Health Supplements
  • Diabetes Health Insurance (optional)
  • Health Card to Avail Discount at Tie up Hospitals for Emergency Treatment

Not Just Good, But the Best...!!